2022.01.08. - 15:00

A Replay of last winters intense conversation with Professor Sam Vaknin, author of "Malignant Self-love" (& many other publications).
Vaknin was holding a course in Budapest designed to deepen peoples knowledge of this tragic condition as well as an introduction to his somewhat maverick healing methods .

I chose to replay this show again as I think this condition contributes hugely to the problems of the last two years , and I would like people to gain more Overstanding and recognize the parallels .

The course in Budapest was organized by Narcisz Coach (Barbara), who has very helpful videos on her youtube channel of the same moniker in Hungarian .

Vaknin has swathes of information slathered all over the web .

For German videos try Martin Wehrle , Raphael Bonelli .


and remember :

Every Narcissist to be taken with a Large pinch of Salt :-)