Cease & Resist

2023.10.15. - 15:00


Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk In The UK 1979-1986 - egy újabb kitűnő válogatás, ezúttal az 
Optimo Music-tól.


Ami elhangzott;

Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma

Honey Bane – Girl On The Run

Crass – Bloody Revolutions (Alternate studio version)

Flux Of Pink Indians – Tube Disaster

Andy T – Death Is Big Business

Poison Girls – Underbitch

The Cravats – Rub Me Out

The Apostles – Mob Violence (unreleased original full studio version)

Lack Of Knowledge – We’re Looking For People

Hit Parade – Here’s What You Find In Any Prison

Hagar the Womb – Idolisation

Alternative TV – The Force Is Blind

The Ex – Ay Carmela

The Mob – No Doves Fly Here (unreleased original studio version)