Listen to some of my Musical Highlights ;

The Power of Now ~ D n B Track

Dzsezzz Tilos Radio maraton compilation exclusive

The (infamous) Hit Song Buzi Baaaaaaaar

The Yugoslav conflict ~ All is not what it seems (extreme Lo-Fi warning)


I was born in the UK with frequent trips to Central Europe, due to an Austro~Hungarian heritige. 

My father had escaped from Hungary to Austria during Hungaries communist  take-over, where he plucked my Ma, an Austrian Rose. As they were both English students they then moved to the Uk where they worked as Language professors and created yours truly, firstborn British offspring .

A culturally rich yet emotionally confusing background ensued and when things were rough at home the Radio was my friend.  Music is one of the main things that helped me through -  and has been an ongoing love affair ever since.  

One night I was lying under the duvet listening to Pirot station 208 Radio Luxemburg when suddenly 'Anarchy in the UK' by the Sex Pistols came on. My whole body filled with adrenalin and a kind of positive rebellion, and the next day I pierced my ears  ~ with a safety pin, of course ~ ripped and painted my T-shirt, dyed my hair and started hitching to music gigs all over the place. Life got better, as I found a community of people within which I could express and explore myself, which I wasn´t able to do at home. 

I caught the vibe of Punk, Indie, Goth, and the new Romantics. The Original Punk was a great movement and well political. So many barriers were broken down, socially as well as musically.

London at the time was full of squatted houses, bars, warehouses, and brilliant venues to see bands, and the unity, creativity and positivity that came out of the original punk movement is phenomenal. I was studying at Goldsmiths college and spent years living in squats in South london and ladbrooke grove and that gave me a space that kids nowadays dont have as London has been gentrified to the hilt . 

The whole thing was incredibly honest; everyone mingled, there was a whole anarchist network which worked, we talked freely and straightforwardly to one other, no introductions were needed and it didn't matter where you came from, just who you were and what you wanted to create..

  Musically, training and status was also irrelevant, what was important was the feeling, the idea, and the will to do it, as well as the acceptance and embracing of chaos, chance, and the idea of breaking down to build anew. Of course this was well before the days of social media and the internet as it is today . None of it existed and we made films on super 8 .

  So this was when I started singing in bands and making mix tapes, because suddenly it wasn't just something out of reach that the chosen few on the glossy pop pages could do, but something that anyone who loved music and sound could use as a form of expressing themselves. The other big step during this time was that a lot of small independent labels started up, so one had more chances for both performing, producing and recording. Sadly alot of these small labels have since been bought up by giants again , but hey, now we have the internet .

I  won a grant to study Drama at the Freie Universtaet in what was then still west Berlin and fell in love with Berlin, like Bowie, standing by the wall - what a unique bittersweet place it was and oh what fun we had, spitting in the veneer of its sobriety. 

Highlights were the amazing cross-cultural fertilization at the seminal Risiko club and the now legendary Vatican club which was a monthly full moon event created by myself and DJ Anton Simmons - he would dress as a kinky pope and I was a funky bondage nun with whip and stockings, and we transformed the venue with found art pieces and featured live music and the latest UK tunes. The club was incredibly succesful during its run, and  I think we lightened up the quite serious Berlin scene at the time by bringing a London feel to Berlin. 

The first band I performed with was called  ZinG-ZanG, and featured myself and Chris Mann, + consisted of samplers, drumkit, vocals and huge stacks of video screens which featured scratch videos myself and an accomplice VJ put together in time to the music. Dimitri Hegemann - who later opened the Tresor club in Berlin ~ released our first track on a compilation tape . I toured Germany and did some festivals in the Uk with this project and the best gig ever was at Konstanz University.

 Once I finished college all I wanted to do was creative work and be around music, art, and performance. As I am a good writer and was always out and about meeting people and going to concerts and exhibitions, I started writing for various music mags, notably the Hype in Berlin, and The Buzz in London.

I put on a festival called "PIGGINS" the postindustrialintergalacticnoisestructure festival and Genesis P Orridge from Psychic TV was an honorary guest, bringing his whole family. That was one crazeee weekend.

In the latter part of the eighties 7 early nineties the Rave and DJ culture really came into its own; this was when DJ's started scratching, sampling,  and really crazily mixing tracks together, and equipment became cheap enough to buy. Suddenly one didn't even need a band to create, one could do it all oneself in a bedroom with a couple of decks and a machine or two - Wow. The Party scene burgeoned and soon the Rave scene as we know it  - though of course much rawer and wilder in those days, with numerous spontaneous Parties at secret locations -  was established. Just like Punk, this was also political and about getting off the grid and free from the matrix, and for a short while convoys of caravans of people chosing the free life took over the UK.

 My first public appearance as a DJ was in the Ecstasy club in Berlin; it was an Acid / House night in the early nineties, and the English DJ who'd been booked to play never came, and as I was the only person who had the right sounds on me, I was asked to step in. I played using a Tape-Deck on one side and a record player on the other, and never looked back.

   I never liked to label myself musically, and remain an eclectic DJ to this day, There are a few  DJs who have influenced me Bigtime : UK Discjockey John Peel as he was so irreverent, unconventional, friendly and eclectic - also the first to appreciate my old band Szeki Kurva on the air ~ and Colin Faver from the original Kiss FM who was so great to party with and just played all the best Acid, House, Jungle + more when it was all coming into the UK. Eon (Ian B) is also someone whom  I highly rate, he was a true friend who always respected and encouraged me in a largely macho world and in my opinion has written and produced some of the best Dance Tracks ever.

 Szeki Kurva is a band I originally formed with the Ludas Matyi and which consisted of Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, DJ and sampler. We sampled anything and everything. I was the Frontwoman, co-writer and Dancer. The music was an irreverant  Anglo-Hungarian cocktail of Szeki/Folk/Punk/Dance/Pop/Muffin that, amongst other things,  provided some social commentary on the (EX)Yugoslavian war which was raging at the time , and indeed brought a large posse of refugees from the region together within our audience. After 3 years of constant UK gigging, we had a large following and were already playing Big london Venues and touring Hungary, Unfortunately, due to the burgeoning psychological issues of my co~founder, it burnt itself out in 1997 after a final,and seminal concert ~complete with dancing competition~ at a Tilos radio event in Budapests Almassy ter.

As the Goldsmiths University course had largely  been a steaming pile of horses excrement, ~ talent was not encouraged, nor was individuality in the feisty eighties, .  ~  I did additional training in practical Drama and ensuingly appeared regularly as an actress and singer on both Stage and TV . I also formed my own theatre company "Buzm" with a friend and I was the first to adapt and perform St Exuperys "The little Prince" in the UK to English as a theatre piece and appear at the famous Edinburgh fringe festival at the Richard De marco theatre with this.

I also had a couple  of piano players with whom I would do a jazz set singing "Saucy Songs" in English, German and Hungarian, tone perfect . This was a good little earner and I performed all over London with this set .

I then decided to spend more time in Budapest, (in a futile attempt to connect with / make some impression on my father) and, as well as becoming the singer of the Budapest Jazz Quartet, presenting classic jazz / pop songs and chansons from Divas through the ages in English, German and Hungarian, I found myself DJ-ing more and more, as a way of staying in touch with and exploring the music.

 I worked as an actress in Budapests English theatre company and then at the World service section of the Hungarian state radio as a researcher, reporter and presenter where I learnt how to cut and edit a programme for radio with reel to reel tapes. Having been used to this method, it took me several years to learn how to cut with Audacity :-D 

 Tilos radio, Hungaries only truly underground, nonprofit, uncensored and therefore controversial radio loved my work with Szeki Kurva .

After speaking on various shows and stepping in as guest DJ I got the chance to  produce and present the English show and to join da kru as one of their first woman DJs at live parties, which was a big step as 20 years ago there were very few females behind the decks in Hungary, and one of the reasons I was determined to keep at it was to Big up and show other women that they could do it, which is why I formed the  "Vagina Sound System" collective which consisted of female DeeJays and musicians.

This worked well whilst I was in Budapest, and I am so happy to see more and more Women behind the Decks independently in Hungary and the ex eastern european countries, where we are still far behind in so many areas.

  I also started putting on parties and events in Budapest, London and Vienna combining folk, fusion and dance music from Hungary and other CEE regions and for 3 years worked together with the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Vienna organising and promoting parties that featured bands and Djs from Tilos radio.

During this time I also performed with Seminal Hungarian punk band Sikator and totally naff narcisst Techno-fusion band Balkan Fanatik.

 Tilos is constantly changing yet remains unique in that it is an advert-free, straight-talking, cooperative radio full of radical individuals and constant creativity. It is essential to maintain freedom of music and speech in a country where not only the board of Radio and TV broadcasting is, to this day, archaically and narrowly run. 

Hungary is a beautiful, vibrant, yet hard place to live in .

I have always, and still do, write poems, lyrics and melodies and regularly perform these live, either as a  Poetry-performance-DJ set that combines words over beats or pure A capella.

I  have also done improvisation and drama therapy workshops in schools and worked with an LGBTQ+ theatre group based in Vienna which follows the theatre of the Opressed. This is essentially political theatre where people 7 the "audience" are unknowingly interactively drawn into a public scene to create awareness of a defined issue (They are not necessarily aware that the actors are acting ).   

I am also a Master Reiki Channeler.

I  like doing several different things and work as a Reiki Therapist with both people and animals .

In Reiki Therapy we work on using the Reiki to pinpoint issues and then work through them as they surface using a combination of techniques.

My inherent belief is that one should always follow ones heart and BE and DO what one Loves , regardless of what society, family,  or anyone else says or thinks. 

Question Everything, accept nothing at face value . Always remember to check ~ are these my thoughts, my beliefs, my desires, or do they come from someone or somewhere else ? 

Stay in your centre and never be pulled into playing a pawn.   

People often ask about my orientation and even Gender :-D perhaps as my voice is quite deep. and my physique quite strong as i like to excercise and stay fit .

I am born female and will certainly remain so, yet from an early age have always felt pan-sexual. I believe and have always felt my mind and essential being is not one or the other but both male and female and I feel comfortable with my internal balance.

As an artist of any kind, and in general, I believe It is really important to keep your inner motivation genuine and stay true to yourself.

Never, ever let the ignorant or faint-hearted bring you down.


+ Sending Love and Appreciation +